Do you travel?

Yes yes and 100% yes! I actually prefer it. I can never stay in one place too long. Just mention where when you inquire and I will get you all the information:)

Can I bring my fur babies to our photoshoot?

Of course!!! Unless the shoot location prohibits it, you are more than welcome to bring your pets. They are an important part of your life and need photos too.

I love your collections and pricing but was wondering if you could change your editing style for me?

It may seem like such a simple thing... but my style is, well- my art. It encompasses my brand and not only is it my favorite way of editing, but it is also the best way I edit. If you are not in love with the way my photos look, we are probably not the best fit. This will NOT offend me. I am networked with dozens of other photographers and would even be happy to recommend someone who edits a bit brighter or darker to fit your needs. Yes, I am a business, but my end goal here is to make sure you get your DREAM photos. This is why I am equally selective with clients as they are with their photographers. It's a win-win and it works better this way, trust me!

None of your collections are exactly what I need, can I create something custom?

Yes! All weddings are unique and I would even be surprised if everyone who inquired fit nicely and neatly into my collections. Just describe what you need in terms of hours, the number of photographers, and location and I will give you a custom quote!

Do your wedding collections come with an engagement shoot?

Most of my wedding collections come with an engagement shoot. I am a strong believer in shooting with your wedding photographer before the wedding to get comfortable with them! It’s a good way to get to know each other and see what you like or want to change for wedding photos. Plus it's a ton of fun and we basically just hang out in a fabulous location all dressed up and cheezin!

How many photos will I receive?

This depends on a lot of things! The short answer is I generally give 50-75 edited photos an hour. However I don’t limit my edits, I will deliver every image that comes out good, especially the funny ones.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

This depends on the collection you choose! I do offer the option to have a 2nd photographer.

What is your turnaround time?

For engagement shoots and regular photoshoots, my turnaround time is 2 weeks. For wedding galleries, it is 6-8 weeks for the FULL gallery of your hundreds of carefully curated photos. However, I ALWAYS give sneak peek photos in the same week so you’re not kept in suspense!

Do you shoot candid photos or posed?

I would say candid shots are a HUGE part of my brand. If you have seen my Instagram (@ashlyarts) I rarely ever do the cookie-cutter posing i.e. “hold hands and smile at the camera!” I am passionate about capturing every couple’s unique relationships and personalities through photos! So while I will still guide you in prompts, you will see it is a much more natural, relaxed environment. This is also why I prioritize making everyone feel comfortable to be themselves during shoots and photos on the wedding day to get real authentic photos.

What sets you apart from all the other wedding photographers?

I would say a unique part of my photography is the experience. I make sure I am not just there to take photos, but to help out as much as I can throughout the whole wedding process. I also offer a complimentary timeline planning meeting to help you choose the best lighting for your photos and time the flow of your day. I love giving out referrals of any other vendors you may need and am very on top of my communication. Photography specific, I would say my editing is unique in the sense that it isn’t too bright, too dark or too brown. I love bringing out the colors while still staying pretty true to color so years down the road your photos are still timeless:)


Any other questions?

I would love to hear from you! You can fill out my contact form and I'll be happy to chat.