I ask your story. It’s only fair I share mine.

Hi, I’m Ashly!

I love traveling, being outdoors, and dancing like nobody is watching! I live in Arizona but will jet off anywhere to photograph your love story. I picked up a camera in 2016 and haven’t been able to put it back down since. 

Through my years of photography, I have found my passion lies beyond the camera and onto who is in front of it. I am a lover of stories first, and photography second.

I’m a people person, what can I say! I love getting to know my couples and their unique story. This natural connection translates into beautiful, authentic photographs of my subjects- ones we would not be able to capture if I felt like some stranger with a camera. 

I am dedicated to bringing out the true you in photographs you can cherish forever.

I believe the best art is created through connection, trust and emotion.

my story

I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona, and the second I graduated high school I ran full speed ahead in my passions; photography, travel, and people. I did not know it yet but it was the recipe for what I would combine into a career where I would serve hundreds of people on the most intimate days of their life.

I was a sophomore in high school when my mom was gifted the Canon T3i for Mother’s Day. She loved taking photos of us kids and finally, she had a camera that would do justice to her scrapbooks. Luckily she did not seem to mind when I got my hands on it for hours at a time. I became obsessed with the idea of freezing and keeping a moment forever. Which is what I planned to do from that moment on. And just like that, every one of my friends became models as I perfected my craft. After a year I gained the skills and confidence to charge for senior photos and I even booked my first couple’s session! It was crazy how I was meeting strangers from the internet to take photos of them! Soon I fell in love with meeting new people.

The moment I graduated high school my world was open to possibilities. I set off on my first trip abroad to Sweden and swiftly caught the travel bug from there. I found a new sense of self-confidence and freedom. However, it was never the location itself but rather the people I met there that fueled the fire in my soul. “A trip without a friend gained is a trip wasted” became my new mantra as I hitchhiked through Hawaii, solo traveled to Barcelona, and hiked through Banff. I thought I loved traveling because of the majestic waterfalls, the marvelous mountains, and the ocean sunsets, (don’t get me wrong Mother Nature knows how to POP OFF), but once I was back home and my crazy adventures turned into memories, I realized it was always the people I met along that made the lasting impressions. And no matter how different some of these people seemed to be after a few minutes of conversations I knew we weren’t so different after all. And I KNEW I could not get enough of their stories.

I want to foster human connection no matter who or where and ENCOURAGE others to be the writer of their own story.

Now it’s time for me to hear your story

I’d love to hear from you! Whether you have your wedding day figured out or still in the planning stages, fill out my contact form to get this party started!