5 Myths about Eloping

When you hear the word “elope” you may think of two lovers romantically running off together to secretly wed. And don’t get me wrong, that is totally an option, however, nowadays elopements are a huge umbrella over many ways to celebrate your wedding.

Myth #1 You can’t have your family at your elopement

False! You get to choose who witnesses your wedding. It can just be close friends. It can be just your parents. It can be your fur babies! Or keep it intimate and invite no one. That’s the power of an elopement. It is up to you!

Myth #2 Eloping is only done at the courthouse

Nope! Grab an officiant and your fiance and let’s go anywhere and everywhere. Not sure where to start with the legality of your location? I gotchu! Fill out my contact form and let’s chat location!

Myth #3 Eloping is running off into the mountains or some grand outdoor adventure.

Nope again! Social media and society love to skew what an elopement really is! I’ll say it again. I’ll shout it from the mountain tops (pun intended) IT’S YOUR DAY YOUR WAY! No hiking involved.

Myth #4 My wedding day isn’t as significant if I forgo a big wedding and elope.

Do not let ANYONE make you feel like your day is less because you chose to not proclaim your love in front of an audience of hundreds! It is time to relearn and change the mindset around weddings. It has been in our brains and on the media for so long that you need a huge production to make your wedding official or meaningful. I would even argue it is more special choosing to go against the grain and cater a day around your unique relationship!

Myth #5 I only need an hour or so of photography on my elopement day

Did you know there is such a thing as multi-day elopements? There is no limit. Your elopement day is a full day dedicated to you. Whether you are travelling or in your home day treat it as a vacation. Why wouldn’t you want photos of the best day of your life?? This is the day you will celebrate every year forever and reminiscing on photos will transport you back in time to feel all the feels all over again.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and we must stop putting them into a box! It’s time to celebrate the best way to say “I do” for you.

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