Associate Photographers

The Ashly Arts Team

If I don't personally have your date available, no biggie!! I have a team of three amazing gals just as passionate as I am to make your photo dreams come true. Everyone on my team is a professional wedding photographer who has personally shot and trained with me and has their own years of wedding experience under their belts. Throughout the entire process you will still get to work with me from preplanning to photo delivery! I edit every photo and guarantee the Ashly Arts candid and creamy style for your final photo gallery. 

Meet The Team






What is an associate photographer?


An associate photographer is a professional photographer who works under the main photographer (me!) and shoots on the wedding day. 


Why do you have associate photographers?


Trust me, I really wish I could duplicate myself and be at every one of your beautiful weddings! However, until science figures that one out, I give you… my associate team!! This is a way for us to provide the Ashly Arts Experience and serve more incredible couples like you. 


What is the Ashly Arts Experience?


So glad you asked! I’m sure you are thinking right about now, “great she’s booked… why should I have one of her associates photograph my day instead of hiring someone else?” For me, it is all about client experience. I love love love the business side and helping make the wedding process as smooth as it can be. If I cannot be there on your wedding day I will do two things…make sure someone as equally awesome is- and do everything in my power to make every other step of the process just as exciting. Let’s be real, for any photographer, taking photos on the wedding day is not where the work ends…or even starts. It is one piece of the puzzle. And I make sure that that puzzle piece has all the right ingredients to make the best masterpiece. If you like the Ashly Arts Style, you’ll love the experience. 


What is the Ashly Arts Style?


Romantic. Emotional. Raw. If you want the cookie cutter, rigid, fake smile portraits-we are not the photographers for you. My team and I find the emotion in your day and emulate it in our photos. We are the flies on the wall who catch all the special ever-too fleeting moments you may miss, so you can look back on these moments for generations to come. We are light benders who seamlessly intertwine you and your loved ones with the spaces and nature on your wedding day. 


How is the experience different than if you shot?


The only difference will be that the associate will be photographing your wedding day. I will still be your point of contact for any questions you may have including vendor recs, photo timeline prep and anything else you may need. I will still shoot your engagement session and edit all the photos from the wedding to match my style. 


What is the difference between you and your associates? 


Honestly, not much!! of course we vary by personality…but my goal is to give a replica experience as if I was with you on your wedding day! I am suuuuper picky when it comes with my team. Each photographer has worked with me personally at weddings and understands my style and vision. I only work with passionate photographers who get just as hype as I do to document love stories.


How do I know my associate photographer is just as experienced?


We aren’t the typical “churn and burn” wedding photographer company. These aren’t random photographers I find in a facebook group a few days before your event (yes, this is a thing, stay safe out there). Each photographer I have personally worked with and trained. Every associate has photographed countless weddings with me as well as on their own, has experience with posing, and is keen on keeping the wedding day flowing. I am more than happy to share specific wedding galleries of the associate so you have an idea on what your final product will look like.


Will I still have a 2nd photographer at my wedding?


Of course! If your collection comes with a 2nd shooter, there will be two photographers at your wedding. All of my associate photographers also 2nd shoot so your team may consist of two of my wonderful associates. Jackpot!!


Is there a price difference? 


Yes. You get an associate “perk” when you book an associate collection. You choose between a discount or a complimentary add on 🙂


What are the benefits?


The best part about having associates is knowing you are 100% covered. Other photographers may have to frantically search the web for a hopefully qualified backup if they cannot make the wedding. Having a team gives a beautiful peace of mind knowing we got your back in those worst case scenarios. I honestly feel so blessed to have these wonderful, talented photographers in my corner!