How to Elope 101

So you may have heard all us wedding photographers bombard you millennials who are about to tie the knot to give up a big wedding and elope. While there are plenty of blogs that might say why, I’m here to tell you HOW. Although I may have absolutely no experience eloping myself, I promise you it will be a good read;)

Step 1) Get over yourself and your childish wishes of a huge wedding.

It may seem all fun and games planning your fairy tale until Mom and soon to be Mother-in-law are fighting over which table cloth color and your uncle from Alaska you see maybe every 3 years is making a big deal about flying in not to mention all your friends are fighting over who really deserves to be your maid of honor. Save yourself the stress. The day is about YOU and your forever soulmate, you do not want anything distracting from that.

Step 2) Choose your location!

This is the fun part. Now that you’re over a big wedding and realize eloping was the right choice all along sit down with your significant other and look at all the beautiful places the world has to offer! Because you aren’t spending thousands of dollars on a venue and a million vendors you can cash in for some plane tickets to somewhere you’ve been dreaming of going. Think of it as your pre honey moon vacation.

Step 3) Decide who’s going.

It’s a common misconception to think that it’s just you, your lover, the officiant and two witnesses at your elopement, but really it’s all up to you! Maybe eloping was invented to runaway from your parents and get married but if that’s not your case and you rather not have them hold a grudge on you forever for missing your wedding day, then send them an invite! Obviously elopements are kept small and that’s a main difference between a destination wedding so keep it small, but don’t forget to invite your mains!

Step 4) Do your research.

Popular choices for elopements are national parks. More often than not you may need a permit or special license to get married there, depending the amount of people and time. It is always better to be safe than sorry especially for your wedding day. Bonus tip to those who care about wedding photos (Which should be everyone right?): Check when the sun sets for that location for the time of year you will be eloping. If you’re already going to be at a jaw dropping location why not make it even more gorgeous with the sunset? Also golden hour + elopement = pictures to DIE for.

Step 5) Bring me!!!

Ok so I could of mentioned this in the “Decide who’s going” section but I’m being a little selfish and making it your final step! (Or hopefully I would come a little sooner in the process right?) Well whoever you decide your photographer to be do not forget to book them. This is not only your wedding but your wedding with a totally cool spectacular view. Practically screaming at you to be photographed. And another little hint, if it’s a location I’ve been dying to go there’s a REALLY big chance you’ll get a discount;) Plus I promise I make good company. I mean just read my blogs, I have a sense of humor I swear!

So there you have it , easy peasy in 5 steps you are ready for eloping! But on a serious note, I get so many brides who tell me how close they were to just eloping or that they regret not. I have seen couples spend a fortune and then not even have a good time on their wedding day because of the pressure and stress of everything. Let’s simplify things. Take a deep breath and remember the reason you are getting married. Not for your mom, or your friends, or those extended family members who you know just came for a free meal, it’s for you and your person. Let’s not take away from that. And to make things even easier and less stressful, if you contact me for elopement pricing and mention this blog to me in the month of June, I’ll give you a 15% discount. How’s that for another reason to run off to the mountains with your lover? And what’s more picturesque than a dashing white dress, stunning florals and a couple in love all in front of a┬ábreathtaking scenic view? That’s right. Nothing.

-Ashly Arts